Criteria for issuing the license:

A carrier wishing to obtain a transport license must meet the following requirements:

1) Have an effective and permanent establishment in a Member State;
2) Be of impeccable reputation; the requirement of impeccable reputation is a must for a carrier, a carrier’s manager and a transport manager
3) Be in an appropriate financial position; each year, carriers, natural or legal persons, must have private equity at their disposal and with a value of at least EUR 9 000 for a single road transport vehicle and a further EUR 5 000 for each additional road vehicle. If the carrier does not have road vehicles, his financial status shall be assessed in the same manner as for one road vehicle
4) Have professional competence. An undertaking wishing to obtain a license for the carriage of goods or passengers must have a worker who must hold a certificate of professional competence. The transport manager may direct transport operations of no more than two different carriers with a total of no more than 30 vehicles that have a copy of the license. The managing of a single carrier’s operations has no limit for the number of vehicles with copies of the license.

A vehicle is issued with a copy of the original license:

  • A copy of the original license shall be issued to a road vehicle used for the carriage of passengers or goods by a carrier holding a basic license.
  • A road vehicle must be operated or used for ownership, trust or rented without the provision of driving and maintenance services, and for an indefinite or temporary period, when the time limit for the management of a road vehicle is limited by a document certifying road transport management, registered in the Republic of Lithuania and must have public use number plates.

Licenses are issued for ten years.

License copies are issued until the main license is effective.